Port of Muskogee


Consult port authority on rail line construction project



The Port of Muskogee wanted to evaluate adding a second rail line to serve its tenants. Strategic Rail Finance was engaged to pinpoint:
1) the economic opportunities for each shipper,
2) the contractual, regulatory, and political challenges,
3) the physical and financial requirements of constructing a second rail line.

In spite of considerable rail experience gained from its years of overseeing rail service, port management recognized the need for a reasonably priced, yet in-depth study of this multi-faceted situation.



Strategic Rail Finance’s consulting team members, Tom Erickson, formerly of Conrail, and Johnnie Johnson, formerly of BNSF, provided their insight into the contractual, physical, and practical elements to be addressed. Conducting efficient, thorough conversations with each port shipper, SRF gained a full understanding of the individual shippers’ logistics challenges and opportunities and quickly concluded on the overall economic ramifications of dual rail line service.



  • Enhanced shipper satisfaction with port management
  • Clarified all shippers’ needs and opportunities
  • Conducted a pragmatic analysis at a fraction of typical consulting firm rates
  • Illuminated a thorny issue in one month, enabling client to focus on other projects
Strategic Rail