New Hope Capital Partners


Coordinate SBA loan for export receivables



New Hope Capital Partners, a private equity firm in transportation and supply chain services needed a funding facility to support one of its start-up operations. While the new company was attracting significant overseas customers, the timeline for payment between sourcing in the U.S. and delivery overseas was limiting cash flow and growth. Creating finance approaches for early-stage companies is often a challenge.



SRF quickly gained a thorough understanding of the unique strengths and peculiarities of the business. Armed with this grasp of the business and complete confidence in the principals’ abilities, Michael Sussman, president of SRF, worked through his Washington, DC relations at the US Department of Agriculture, Small Business Administration, and U.S. Department of Commerce to rapidly pinpoint both the ideal federally-supported program and the best participating bank for regional administration of the client relationship.



  • Arranged $2MM export receivables line of credit
  • Led client directly to the best solution with no time-consuming detours
  • Established the lender’s confidence for lowering years-in-business requirement
  • Created excellent bank relationship for meeting future capital needs
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