Business advisory services and business finance are the foundations of professional practice at Strategic Rail Finance. We often refer to them as “executive advisory services” as we provide executive-level expertise in strategy, finance, operations, and business development to companies meeting challenges. While most of our work focuses on the “middle market” of the railroad industry – companies large enough to engage in acquisitions and financial restructuring but without a full executive team—SRF also advises some of the largest organizations in the rail industry.

SRF’s combination of rail industry knowledge, operational expertise, financial knowledge, and relationship focus provides our starting point in any engagement. We take a “systems approach” to business advisory—developing solutions with careful and collaborative consideration of the broader context of every objective. That context is organizational, financial, commercial, regulatory, community, environmental, and personal. Yes, personal. We own businesses and appreciate that for most business owners, business is personal.

To succeed as advisors, we address the whole system, quantifying opportunity while systematically assessing risks and proposing mitigations. SRF can also assist a business through special situations – workouts, restructuring, divestitures, and even liquidations. No matter where you are in a business cycle, SRF can support your executive team through the toughest challenges.

SRF is here to help you plan growth, develop business, address special situations, and create new ventures. And while our focus is primarily commercial, our broad experience leading and advising public sector agencies can bring valuable insight to considering and designing private-public-partnerships (“3P” projects). We can also help your private business access public finance to leverage your investments.


  • Marketing and business development
  • Rail business and asset valuations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Comprehensive benefit-cost analysis
  • Corporate, project, and equipment finance

Many consultants to the public sector sell plans. SRF does deals. We bring that same actionable, bankable focus that creates private sector success to all our public sector work.

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