Location, Location, Location—the three drivers of real estate value. And most real estate professionals can apply these three principles to housing, retail, warehousing, or basic industrial properties. But just what does “location” imply for an industrial user or distribution facility that requires intermodal or direct rail service over proprietary rail networks?

Distance in freight transportation is measured in time and dollars, not miles. Two industrial sites located just a mile apart may be hundreds of dollars and many days apart when considering freight costs from the same supplier or to the same customer. An industrial site in Kansas City may be much “closer” to Mexico City than New York City when considering travel time and cost. Miles don’t matter—it’s a function of network and operations.

Strategic Rail Finance understands that savings on logistics go straight to the bottom line—all profit. We understand that for heavy industry and distribution businesses, long-term freight costs implicit in site selection quickly outweigh any benefits of tax incentives, free land, low-interest loans, and even publc-sector grants. And unlike any traditional broker or site selector, SRF understands the concept of “location” on the North American rail network.

With team members having executive experience in industrial operations, business logistics (across trucking, rail, barge, and maritime), finance, and real estate SRF can perform comprehensive site alternative analysis. We can engage with railroad operations and commercial teams to understand what’s viable and most likely to succeed at a given location. Our financial analysis and modeling skills easily translate complex alternative analysis into quality information to support decision making.


  • Site selection
  • Rail asset and rail business valuation
  • Commercial viability analysis
  • Financial and economic modeling
  • Railroad engagement and negotiations
  • Land use planning
  • Supply chain optimization

Many consultants to the public sector sell plans. SRF does deals. We bring that same actionable, bankable focus that creates private sector success to all our public sector work.

Strategic Rail